Private Encounters – VIP Safari

Take your adventure to the next level with the VIP Safari tour. Reserve this experience where you will have your very own private tour guide who will share information about the animals + share information about our daily operations. Did you say you wanted a closer view of the Wildebeest? That’s right, your tour guide will take you off the beaten path so that you can capture the best photos. This package is great for smaller families or photographers aiming to get the right angle. Seats a maximum of 6 people. This package also includes the up close and personal encounters with the sloth, giraffe, and kangaroos + a visit with petting zoo animals including up close and personal interactions with llamas, alpacas, goats, deer and more.

Lodging can be added to this package.

VIP Private Tour

Check out what customers are saying…

VIP Tour, buffalo approaching vehicle

“We just left Southland Safari and can’t say enough good things! Do the private tour – it is well worth the money for all the animal interactions! Our tour guide was hilarious and made the tour even better. It was well worth the 3 hour drive. Thanks guys for making such a wonderful place for those sweet animals and for us to come and visit with them!”
Terri T.

“We went for the VIP tour and it was great! I would highly recommend experiencing this and we are definitely going again!”
Donna D.

“The best safari experience we’ve been so far! We love all the animals. They looks so healthy and well love by all the staffs there. We saw everything and close up too and we learned so much
about the animals, it really feels like we’re in Africa. Thank you so much to our tour guide Michael!

He was so knowledgeable about the animals and even knows each animals’ name
he definitely took care of us, watched out for us, and entertained us with his knowledge. The owner, Chris and Tosha are really nice and awesome people, they make sure our stay to be so comfortable, fun and memorable! They make us feel at home at the place we had stayed, making sure everything was perfect.

The cabin that we had stayed was so clean and relaxing plus lot of animals you can feed and pet just outside it. My kids (4 years old and 19 months) love feeding and petting the animals! Thank you so much again for this amazing experience! It’s indeed a well spent family getaway! Will definitely come back again soon and recommend it to all our families and friends. Can’t wait to see the baby giraffe soon!”
Mary C.