Our Safari Vehicle

Discover the wild side of Tennessee

by joining us on our Safari Truck where every day you will spot herds of wildebeest, axis deer, buffalo, kudu, and impala. From otters to ring-tailed lemurs, nearly 500 animals from over 50 unique species roam through our 125 acres. Guided by an expert Tour Guide, you will learn about our animals + our daily operations.

Important tips to plan your tour:

You will be riding on our Safari Truck which seats 20 people. You will be provided a Tour Guide who will share in-depth information about our animals along with daily operational knowledge. You WILL NOT be able to drive your vehicle through the park.

There is a gated entrance. Gates will open 15 minutes before your scheduled tour. It is your responsibility to arrive on time. If you are late, the tour will proceed at the scheduled time of your reservation.

Please park in the designated parking area and proceed to the Gift Shop to check in. (Follow the signs) Please do not drive around or walk around the park. This is for the safety of our animals, as they are not familiar with people walking along the enclosure.

We DO NOT allow dogs (including service dogs/animals, therapy dogs/animals, emotional support dogs/animals).  Federal Law makes it illegal for us to knowingly put our animals in danger of psychological or physical harm due to the Animal Welfare Act of 1972. This does not mean we are afraid your dog will injure our animals Рit is probably the other way around. No refunds will be issued if you arrive with an animal in your vehicle. A vehicle with an animal CAN NOT be left in the parking lot during a tour & you will be asked to leave. We do our best to make our animals our #1 priority at Southland Safari.

Suggestions for comfort: Dress comfortably. Wear tennis shoes, sunglasses, and hats. Have your camera ready, as you will want to take a lot of PHOTOS.

NO FOOD is allowed on the Safari Truck. However, you are welcome to visit the snack area in the gift shop before or after your tour for a light snack.